Cushy Christianity



Cushy Christianity?

We who have been in Christian culture may not recognize the subtle drift into the life of the Cushy Christian. 

Churches make us feel comfortable with the right preaching, worship, lighting, furniture, bookstore and a latte to wash it all down.  Tight relationships are formed to protect this comfort, but very little effort is given to reach out to the brokenhearted and unlovely.  These unsavory types just don’t fit the cushy model.

This comes from experiences I’ve had and others have shared with me. For a long time I felt shamed to speak of what I have experienced, however I believe there are others that can benefit and be encouraged when we are honest and vulnerable about our struggles. I am not on a campaign against any specific group of people or persons and feel that these issues are global and broad.

My ultimate purpose and hope is for restoration between all and a love and acceptance that stuns the world, so that others can’t wait to be a part of the loving Body of Christ.

I am a recovering Cushy Christian, and this is my story...

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“Why would we look for reasons to disqualify others from our life that we are going to spend eternity with?”  Julie Albracht